On 02 October 2010 we attended the European Dog Show in Celjie (SLO), we entered 6 dogs under Mrs Carla Molinari (P) doing dogs,  long time sighthound associated judged who also bred whippets under the Do Vale Negro prefix in the ’80s and ’90s and Mr Frank Kane from UK, doing the girls.

We could not expect to take home both title with “Terence” ESW10CH. Rivarco Thunderbird and litter sister “Linda” Rivarco The Dancing Queen

Terence went BOB and later Group 2nd under Carla Molinari who placed 1st the famous Saluki from Sweden who later went BIS! Also shown were “Sammy” Rivarco Teller of Tales, 2nd in Intermediate class behind kennel mate Ch.Rivarco Ultra Rapid all the way from Russia and who also finished the Slovenian title that day. “Sookie” Ch. Rivarco Tinuviel also went 2nd in Open bitch class and our new young girl Albicans Pannacotta 4th in Junior

Terence & Linda make Rivarco’s european champions #16th &# 17th since 1974. Thanks to Elisa for the BOB pic

Long time since I update my blog, the problem is always the same….very short of time. This summer after the WDS we only showed “once” and that was at the Eurosighthound Winner show 2010 in Grafenegg (A) on 14th of August….and yes it was a very successful day as we took home both BOB and BOS with littermates Sookie and Terence under sighthound specialist Mts Jean Jacques Dupas, a person we have admired very much during the years for his great talent on judging dogs and his firm decisions who put him often against all the odds. Merci beaucoup monsieur Dupas!

Also present on the same occasion was Linda , winner of the CAC and Intermediate class

and in the Intemediate male class both Rivarco Ultrarapid, all the way from Russia with owner Mrs Maria Sheina and shown as always by swedish handler Mark Linner, winner of the CAC both days, also on sunday under Mr. Anschober (A)

and second & Res.CAC on saturday Rivarco Theodor in Love

Sookie later was also Res. BIS in the final by the three judges Mr. Dupas, Mr Grunheid (F) and Mr Rudi Brandt (DK)

Meanwhile in Sweden our boy Quintus managed also to finish his International Championship (still pending FCI confirmation) by going CAC/CACIB/BOS at Svenstavik Int’l show under sighthound authority Mr. Knut Bluetecher (N) and also CAC/BOS at Gotland show under Mr. Per Iversen (N)

Thanks to Stefan Raghammar and handler Morgan Slatt as always and to Gàbor, Dioskury, Johnatan Hertzberg and Jessica Bolander for the nice pics!

The birth of Arwen’s puppies and my departure for the World show in Danemark distracted me a bit from what are the other things that happened in the meantime.

First of all is with much pride that I can tell now Sookie is more officially known as Ch. Rivarco Tinuviel by finishing her Croatian Championship in record time by going 4 straight consecutive CAC at the two International shows in Umag (HR) and followed by the two in Varazdin (HR) on 19th&20th of June escorted there by my friend Federico Sanguinetti and Irene Castelli while I was assisting Arwen on her whelp. In between she took  the fun to win one Group and my thanks goes to judges Mrs. Marie Petersen (DK), Mr. Otto Schimpf (A), Mrs Doris Getzinger (A) and Mr. Gianfranco Bauchal (I).

Meanwhile the day of the World show we put our boy Ch. Rivarco Quintus in the loving and caring hands of our friend Stefan Råghammar who took him to Sweden for a holiday there waiting to mate one Adagio girl soon and being shown in the meantime on a limited basis by Morgan Slätt

Also we heard from Stefan that “Tina” Rivarco Tiramisù per Adagio has now gained 3rd swedish CAC but cannot qualify yet for the Championship title as she must wait her second birthday in December of this year

And last but not least I’d like to send my congratulations to owner Roberto Posa and breeder Ake Cronader for the very much deserved World title and BOB with Group 2nd of Albicans Online at this year FCI World show in Herning (DK). Let me brag about the fact that Online is the son of proud sire Ch. Rivarco Aragorn from his very first litter in Scandinavia short after his arrival at Albicans and from a mating Attila Schlosser and myself planned and suggested togheter with Ake.

Thanks to Jessica Bolander and Jonathan Hertzberg for the beautiful pics

On 16th of July just a few days from the pups fourth week of life my friend Sabine Brenner and her soon to be husband Andy braved the nasty hot weather we faced last week in Italy and came to visit us all the way from Austria. Protected by some fan in these  extreme conditions my guests even managed to take some very nice informal pics of the “gang”

Numbering of the puppies was absolutely random !

My warmest gratitude goes to Sabine & Andy for the patience and the time spent and I wish them in advance the best for their life togheter

Three weeks old

I’m usually not a picture taking fanatic and sometimes with +33°C temp. outside and a humidity level of 87% I would rather prefer to avoid stressing puppies of three weeks of age with flashing and posing but I have some  “stalkers” who on a daily routine basis keep asking me about it 🙂 I feel flattered thou so thanks for keep asking.

We took the occasion to try for the first time some solid food, chicken porridge, and seems they liked it 🙂 Here they are is NO particular order other than the five girls first and the four boys to follow.

Today the 9 pups are two weeks old, some still blind some just started this morning to open one or two eyes 🙂

Today in Verona we are expecting to reach +37°C and believe me it’s burning like hell out there, so Max and I decided to move them from the whelp box to the much bigger wooden nurse….looks like they like it…and Arwen even more 🙂

For convenience  I put sex  (M for male and F for female) near their pic as I don’t bother at this stage to take individual pics. For sure more will come as soon as they will be able to stand still on the fours little legs!

And finally at 2 AM on sunday 20th of June my beloved Arwen gave birth to the first of what would have become 9 beautiful and healthy puppies, 4 boys and 5 girls.

It has been Arwen’s biggest gift to me because she whelped them exactly on the 58th day of pregnancy releasing me from what became pure anxiety ,being afraid that I would have not witnessed their birth and could have not nursed Arwen due to my imminent departure to Danemark to attend the World Dog show some 1500 kms away

  1. One fawn brindle boy with white markings and a white collar
  2. One mostly white boy with blue brindle markings on head and shoulders
  3. One fawn boy with white markings and white spot on the top of his neck
  4. One fawn girl with white markings and a white collar
  5. One fawb girl with white markings
  6. One deer red girl with white markings
  7. One mostly white girl with red brindle markings on head and sides of the body
  8. One mostly white boy with split fawn face and some other little spots
  9. One mostly white girl with fawn on the sides of the head and some other little spots

Being very very busy with my departure I’m not sure that I’ll be able to take more pics soon and so please wait for more after monday 28th

After the Sighthound National we embarked on a week by week round around show circuit in well 4 different countries with the only pauses during my visit to Ake in Sweden and my vacation to Istanbul in Turkey

We first went to Pisa International show where swedish judge Mr. Hans Halmgren put up for BOB “Terence” Rivarco Thunderbird who later went onto win the Group under Mr. Giobatta Tabò from Italy.

One week later we moved to the beautiful seaside city of Umag in Croatia for two International shows. On the first day “Sookie” Rivarco Tinuviel won the breed under Mrs Marianne Petersen from Danemark and then the Group under Mr. Otto Schimpf from Austria and on sunday Mr. Schimpf decided “Linda” from the Intermediate bitch class should be his best bitch with Ch. Rivarco Power going BOB and later Group 2nd under Mrs Kitty Sjong from Danemark too.

Joining for his first International debut was “Teo” Rivarco Theodor in Love who got both days the CAC and a Res.Cacib on saturday

Linda and Sookie during Cacib competition helped by friend Sergio Anconetti of the famous “Dei Raggi di Luna” IGs

and “Kiran” Rivarco The Latin Lover shown here in BIS Junior competition!

Back from my quick visit to Sweden we went to another splendid Adriatic seaside city Portoroz in Slovenia were Linda took BOB and Group 2nd BOTH DAYS, winning the breeds under Mr. Vlatislav Vojtek (SK) and Mr. Frank Kane (UK) and the Group Placements under Mrs Ana Mest (Spain) and Mr. Vojtek.

On the same occasion on sunday Kiran was Cac/cacib and BOS!

And last but not least In Klagenfurt (A) last week end two more International shows were waiting for us and Sookie made it on sunday by going BOB under Mr. Miro Zlojutro (HR) with Ch. Rivarco Power as BOS

Also “Opi” Rivarco Opera Jazz was there going CAC in Open class both days

Teo was also CAC both days with Res. Cacib on saturday

and Kiran CAC and Res. cacib on sunday

I must thank all my different friends who helped during these trips, Gabriella Tosato owner of Teo, Elvio Merlach and Elisabetta Perko owners of Kiran, Max (you all know who he is) for the patience and my best friend and co-handler in most of the shows Elisa Boscolo (Azawakhs & Galgos). And for the pics also Hks.Hr, Elvio, Deya and as always Sabine Brenner.

It is with great pride, and a bit of anxiety, that I’d like to share with my friends, who kindly keep asking, the new that I can confirm Arwen is pregnant!!

As lots of my friends might know Arwen and I have gone thru a very intensive and stressing situation during her season due to the problems caused by the Icelandic volcano which paralyzed the air traffic in Europe included us on our way to Finland. After a very complicated consult between Gaetano, myself and also Stefan we decided our best option would have been to go “back to basics” and choosed a very classic and complete dog of very solid bloodlines which Gaetano and I have admired in the past in several occasions, Ch. Pencloe Inca Gold the 9 years old champion bred in Scotland by Mrs Morag-Bolton-Lockhart. owned in Switzerland/Germany by Jean Louis Nicolet, R.Seim and Thomas Munch (Flic Flac)

We feel blessed to have been able to use Inca and thank for this all his owners for the availability and understanding. Arwen is due around 20 of June, just hours apart from my departure to the WDS in Danemark. Keep your fingers crossed for me to be able to witness her whelp.

On 14th of May I finally managed to fly to Stockholm and visit my friend Ake Cronader (Albicans Whippets, Dalmatians and now Pugs) in order to pick up and escort our new little whippet girl “Albicans Pannacotta” home. She is by our homebred multi Ch. Rivarco Aragorn x Ch. Albicans MammaMia (a well known champion bitch litter sister to the current winning male Ch.Albicans Music Man).

Pannacotta is the long waited daughter of Aragorn who, despite any of our expectations, became a much requested stallion in Scandinavia and so Ake after he planned the litter with “Kola” made himself available to share one of the girls with us. We will let her mature and have fun during the summer and will plan to include her in our show team soon.